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Podiatry is the only profession dealing exclusively with the prevention, assessment, diagnosis and management of conditions affecting the foot and lower limb.




Orthotics are a range of devices which can be prescribed for functional or structural foot problems to reduce unwanted motions, improve foot pain and function as well as accommodating foot deformities. At Nixon Podiatry we have a range of off the shelf and semi custom orthotics. We also cast for custom orthotics which are made specifically for your foot.



Foot pain can make your every day tasks difficult. Foot and lower limb pain could include anything from your toes, arch, heels and ankles right up to the bigger structures such as your knees. We are able to assess the injury, send for imaging, diagnose and implement effective management strategies.



Diabetes is a chronic metabolic condition characterised by high blood sugar levels. Diabetes has a large impact on all anatomical structures in the foot, including nerves, blood vessels, muscles, joints, skin and nails. An annual assessment should be completed by a podiatrist to detect any changes early and provide education to reduce the risks associated with diabetes.



Athletes put a large amount of strain on their bodies and it is common to experience pain and overuse injuries. Twisting, stop start and high impact sports are particularly stressful on bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. At Nixon Podiatry we have an interest in the assessment and management of sporting injuries to the foot, ankle and lower limb.



Do you get ingrown toe nails? Are your nails brittle, thicker than usual, deformed, lifting from the nail bed or discoloured? Podiatrists are able to assess, diagnose and provide management strategies for a number of common nail conditions.



Correctly fitted and supportive footwear is the starting point of any successful preventative or management strategy. As no two feet are the same, our team can provide you with education about the best shoe for your foot. We also have a range of Dr Comfort, Revere, Axign and Orthoheel footwear available for fitting and order within the clinic.



Do you experience itching, rashes, blisters, warts, pain from corns or the feeling of walking on a stone, a build up of hard skin or cracked heels? Podiatrists are able to diagnose and provide management strategies for a number of common skin conditions.



The removal of all or part of a toe nail is a procedure which is completed by podiatrists under local anaesthetic. This procedure can also include the destruction of the matrix (where the nail grows from) which prevents the nail re-growing. This procedure can be particularly beneficial in cases of recurrent ingrown toe nails, thickened nails due to trauma which cause pain, and long term fungal toe nails which have not responded to other treatments.



Do you experience feelings of burning, tingling, pins and needles or numbness in your feet or toes? There are a number of conditions and injuries which can contribute to nerve pains. Your podiatrist can assess your feet to determine the possible causes and management strategies.



Sometimes the signs and symptoms of childrens foot problems can be subtle. Your child may not want to show you their feet due to a change in their skin or nails, they may trip and fall, they may also withdraw from activities they normally enjoy due to to pain. You may notice your child walks pigeon toed, on their toes, with a limp or they have flat feet. A full assessment can be performed by your podiatrist.


The foot is a vital part of the human body as it has a large amount of force going through it with every step we take. It is important to take care of your feet as foot pain can significantly reduce your quality of life.


Nixon Podiatry is formerly known as Sally's Podiatry Services and has updated its name and branding in 2016. Despite having a new name, our trusted podiatrists and professional service remains the same.


Based in Shepparton, Nixon Podiatry provides quality care to residents of the Goulburn Valley. Nixon Podiatry also operates out of Mooroopna Medical Centre, Kialla Medical Clinic, Murchison Medical Clinic and Nagambie Medical Clinic. We deliver quality care to people of all ages, and manage foot and lower limb problems of any kind. If there is any condition which is out of our scope of practice we will refer you through the appropriate channels to ensure you get the best care and outcomes.


If you have any questions or concerns, our podiatrists are happy to advise you on how we can help to achieve the optimum health for your feet.


To find out more about the podiatry profession, follow this link.


All of our podiatrists are registered with the Allied Health Practitioners Registration Agency and they are also members of the Australian Podiatry Association. To check the registration status of a podiatrist, please click here.


Meet the Nixon Podiatry team
Chris Annett, Emily Odgers, Sally Howes, Jess Moodie and Marnie Egan.





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